Victory Hemp's Chad Rosen, Founder and COO, and Ben Raymond, Director of Research and Development were interviewed for the recent Food Business News article, Unlocking hemp’s product development potential, written by Donna Berry.

      The article reviews how Victory Hemp Foods' innovative, proprietary hemp-seed-based protein and oil food ingredients open up a wide range of new food formulation possibilities. 

      “What do you do with this stuff? That’s a question Ben Raymond, director of research and development at Victory Hemp Foods, Carrollton, Ky., is often asked about the hemp ingredients the company offers. His answer – almost anything.”

      The article also covers many of the issues raised when trying to catch a seed product up in terms of selective breeding to other grains that have been used and optimized for centuries. 

      “Getting the economics right is really a factor of making sure that we have crops that are commercially viable for farmers to grow on large scale agriculture plots,” said Chad Rosen, founder and chief operating officer of Victory Hemp Foods, at The Future of Food @ SXSW event, which took place virtually March 18-21. “We need consistent genetics that are easily harvestable.”

      Read the full article, here. 


      Photo found in Food Business News. Source: Palermo Villa, Land O'Lakes Inc., Nature's Nosh, Functional Food LLC, B&G Foods


      Full Article by Aleah Rouse
      May 11, 2021