Ample nutrients, neutral flavor: Victory Hemp Foods launches novel extracts for food and nutritional applications

      These are touted by the company as delivering the ample nutrients found in hemp while providing a neutral flavor and unique formulation characteristics

      Published June 5, 2019

      functional hemp ingredients

      05 Jun 2019 --- US-based hemp ingredients company Victory Hemp Foods has launched two new functional and proprietary ingredients – V-ONE™ Hemp Heart Oil and V-70™ Hemp Heart Protein – created as solutions for formulators across a broad range of food and nutritional product applications. Both ingredients are touted as delivering the ample nutrients found in hemp while providing a neutral flavor – often lacking in traditional hemp ingredient products – and other unique formulation characteristics. Hemp seeds are said to provide complete protein, healthy fatty acids and minerals at “uniquely high levels.”

      V-ONE Food Ingredient Hemp OilV-ONE™ Hemp Heart Oil is a light-colored, mild and nutty-flavored oil, “comparable to the flavor of pine nuts,” which have the same fatty acid profile as cold-pressed hemp oil. The extract can be used in products ranging from frozen novelties to cosmetic and personal care products and has a light, neutral flavor. V-ONE™ Hemp Heart Oil offers the “ideal ratio” of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids of 3:1, according to the company.

      V-70™ Hemp Heart Protein addresses the need for neutrally-flavored plant-based protein, which does not use flavor masking agents. The colorless hemp derivative is marketed as having a high water binding capacity, which helps new product recipes achieve more with a shorter ingredients list. Hemp Protein PowderV-70 is also said to contain 70 percent protein and contains all nine essential amino acids. The supplement is high in edestin, the easily digestible primary protein in egg whites. The product has low fat content, but the fat included is high in omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. V-70™ is also a rich source of iron, magnesium and zinc, the company highlights.

      Last April, NutritionInsight highlighted market trends indicating that rising interest in plant-based diets, as well as an increasing number of consumers identifying as lactose intolerant or averse, is quickly spurring vegan protein innovation. In the current sports nutrition market, dairy proteins come out on top, on the basis of complexity in amino acids offerings. However, in terms of environmental positioning, industry trends suggest plant-based proteins have the upper hand.

      “Our team is excited to bring to market our V-70™ Hemp Heart Protein. From personal experience in our home kitchens, we know that many of the plant-based products on the market need better flavor and texture and a simpler ingredients list. It is exciting to present these ingredient innovations while creating a new market for hemp seeds for U.S. farmers,” explains Chad Rosen, Founder and CEO of Victory Hemp Foods.

      The Kentucky-based manufacturer also processes and sells a broad range of offerings catering to the cosmetic & personal care, pet product, dietary supplement, craft beverage, foodservice and distillery industries. Victory Hemp contracts hemp seed production solely with U.S. farmers to create “highly functional, non-GMO, healthy hemp ingredients.”

      The hemp market is currently enjoying a proliferation of NPD, following hemp’s removal from the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) as part of the Farm Bill signed by President Trump in December 2018. Innova Market Insights reports 34 percent average annual growth in the number of new food and beverage launches with hemp ingredients (global, 2013-2017), with U.S. introductions enjoying an average annual growth of 21 percent over this period, amid a friendlier regulatory environment. “Cereal and energy bars” (24 percent average annual growth) was the top growing sub-category of new U.S. food and beverage launches containing hemp (2013-2017).

      The movement is gaining traction driven largely by piqued consumer interest. Even still, the fledgling industry faces a multitude of hurdles including risks related to large-scale hemp supply chain imbalances.

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      June 05, 2019