The Jacobsen has been reporting market prices on a wide range of commodities since 1865. Starting in the feedlots of Chicago, their job is to set benchmark pricing for market clearing with an unbiased, rigorous and neutral market position. 

      Commodities that The Jacobsen report pricing on include:

      • Used Cooking Oil, Tallow and Distiller Corn Oil markets
      • Animal Fats & Oils Pricing
      • Animal Proteins Pricing
      • Biodiesel Pricing
      • Grain & Feed Ingredients Pricing
      • Hide & Leather Pricing
      • Organic & Non-GMO Pricing
      • Sausage Casings Pricing
      • Vegetable Oils Pricing
      • And now Hemp Market Price Setting!

      They've recognized that American Grown hemp seed and hemp seed-based ingredient products will be an important part of our ag and food systems moving forward and are establishing themselves as experts in this area for a reason.

      The Jacobsen Hemp Conference brings together a range of industry experts in the Hemp industry, including our own Chad Rosen who will be leading a discussion on Hemp Grain on Feb. 11, 2021 at 11:15 AM EST. 

      You can see the complete agenda and register here.

      We hope that you’re able to join us at this event as we explore these exciting new emerging market opportunities with The Jacobsen!

      You can learn about The Jacobsen's services in Hemp market price setting here.

      Full Article by Aleah Rouse
      February 11, 2021