The health and safety of our staff, our customers, and their customers is our number one priority. 

      Our regular good manufacturing practices require frequent hand washing and sanitizing, and refraining from working when ill. We will continue to enforce our rigorous food safety policies, and implement any new ones that may improve the safety of our products. Steps we have already taken are to suspend all non-essential employee travel and implement social distancing policies including working from home as much as possible.

      Furthermore, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the European Food Safety Authority, the transmission of COVID-19 is not occurring via food and is unlikely to do so.1,2

      We know that supply chain reliability is critical to our customers. Our raw material supply chain is not currently impacted, and we are working diligently to avoid any major disruptions. We have reviewed and are following CDC interim guidance for businesses and employers.3

      As always, we recommend our customers and consumers follow excellent food safety and hygiene practices, including frequent and thorough handwashing, sanitizing food contact surfaces, and refraining from work when ill.

      We would like to share “Prayer for a Pandemic,” written by Cameron Bellm from Seattle. Her words represent what we feel today and maybe they will resonate with you as well. We wish you health, safety, and peace during this challenging time. 




      Prayer for a Pandemic

      May we who are merely inconvenienced

      Remember those whose lives are at stake.

      May we who have no risk factors

      Remember those most vulnerable.

      May we who have the luxury of working from home

      Remember those who must choose between preserving their health and making their rent.

      May we who have the flexibility to care for our children when their schools close

      Remember those who have no options.

      May we who have to cancel our trips

      Remember those who have no safe place to go.

      May we who are losing our margin money in the tumult of our economic market

      Remember those who have no margin at all.

      May we who settle in for a quarantine at home

      Remember those who have no home.

      As fear grips our country,

      let us choose Love.

      During this time when we cannot physically wrap our arms around each other,

      Let us find ways to be the loving embrace of (our higher power) to our neighbors.







      Full Article by Chad Rosen
      March 17, 2020