Even if cranberry sauce is already slated to be on your holiday table, this savory nut butter with cranberry is one worth making. We make a smooth paste of our mildly nutty hemp hearts and buttery pecans and then blend a touch of fresh cranberries into the butter. Notes of thyme, sage, and pepper keep the spread savory, but there’s also a satisfying touch of sweet. This vegan spread is a tasty addition to your plant-based Thanksgiving menu—or any holiday meal. Add this delicious plant-based Thanksgiving spread to crackers, fresh apple slices, or even your favorite rolls. Save any leftovers of the fresh sauce and add a dollop to a snacking platter; at breakfast, top pancakes or waffles; stir the spread into oatmeal or your favorite plant-based yogurt. It’s even delicious as a topping for plant-based desserts.

      HolidaySpread_BLOG_webPlant-based Thanksgiving Recipe: Hemp Heart, Pecan, Cranberry Spread

      1 cup Victory Hemp™ Shelled Hemp Seeds (hemp hearts)

      ½ cup raw pecans

      ½ tsp salt

      ½ cup sugar

      ¼ tsp ground dried thyme

      ¼ tsp ground dried sage

      1/8 tsp black pepper

      ½ cup fresh cranberries

      1. In a food processor, pulse hemp hearts and pecans for 1 minute until thick paste forms.
      2. Add sugar, salt, sage, thyme, black pepper and pulse until combined. Add cranberries and pulse to desired consistency.
      3. Serve immediately with crackers, crisp apple slices, or fresh rolls. Or, store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for a few days.

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      Full Article by Aleah Rouse
      November 24, 2021