We see a lot of potential for hemp heart protein in the meat analogues space!

      New Food Magazine recently featured Victory Hemp's Director of R&D, Benjamin Raymond, and Director of Marketing, Aleah Rouse to discuss the plant protein market, and the benefits of using hemp heart protein in meat alternatives.

      "Victory Hemp’s V-70™ Hemp Heart Protein offers some key functional characteristics that make it a particularly great meat analogue ingredient. For example, it’s >70 percent protein on an ‘as-is’ weight basis (ie, weighing the product as it is rather than its dry or wet weight); it holds oil and moisture well, helping to create a firm, juicy bite; and it doesn’t require flavour masking ingredients to cover up beany or earthy notes like a lot of other analogues do.

      “Hemp ticks a lot of boxes – it’s a ‘hot’ product, incredibly nutritious, and it’s environmentally and animal friendly. Plus, it tastes good – and that is really important.”

      Read the full New Food Magazine article, here.


      Full Article by Aleah Rouse
      September 29, 2021