Hemp hearts, hemp seeds, hemp oil, and hemp protein powder are delicious, healthy ingredients that are quite versatile—and can be used in both every day and holiday cooking and baking. Not surprisingly, we don’t just advocate for the use of hemp, we’re consumers, too.  

      From our founder to our finance department to our research & development team, here’s how we’re using hemp in our holiday recipes, and more. 

      Below are 11 of Our Favorite Plant-Based Holiday Recipes!



      "V-70™ boosts protein in the classic sour dough boule. I cut back what is typically 50% flour by just 5% to make room for V-70™ Hemp Heart Protein in my sourdough recipe to up the protein content. V-70™ has remarkably high water retention characteristics so it will maintain moisture in the bake and caramelizes nicely on the crust adding slight toasty notes."

      - Chad Rosen, Founder/CEO




      “I'm planning to make this meatless loaf from Fat-Free Vegan Kitchen this holiday season but I'm going to add hemp hearts to the mixture."

      - Amanda Strecker, Director of Admin / CEO Support





      “I'm making my mom's famous hemp heart banana bread. Just add 1/4 cup of hemp hearts to the classic recipe!"

      - Collin Gallus, Sales / Business Development






      “I love a good protein-packed holiday breakfast to get prepared for the busy time ahead. I'm planning to make hemp protein pancakes using 1/2 cup V-70™ Hemp Heart Protein and 1/2 cup flour."

      - Peter Strugatz, Board Chair





      “I've been experimenting with V-70™ as a thickener in a roux. Next up: try it in cookies and cake!"  

      - Joseph King, Associate Scientist, R&D





      “I use hemp hearts as a topper on just about anything...salads, bagels, smoothies! Hemp hearts also make a great pesto -- I'm going to try this Minimalist Baker recipe!"  

      - Aleah Rouse, Marketing Director





      “Smoothies fit into all seasons! I use V-70™ in my super-secret delicious smoothie recipe: dump in fruits and veggies, scoop a couple tablespoons of V-70™, sometimes add cayenne pepper or ginger, then blend and enjoy!"  

      - Justin Bailey, Finance Director




      I want to try this Healthy SunButter Freezer Fudge, but substitute hemp butter in for SunButter.”  

      -  Ben Raymond, Director of R&D






      “I'm going to watch a holiday movie marathon and drizzle V-ONE™ Hemp Heart Oil on freshly popped salted popcorn!”

      - Rob Roscow, Director of Genetics





      “I used V-70™ in my holiday truffles this year! They were a hit! I can't wait to make more!”

      - Georgia Pate, Food Safety / Quality Assurance Manager






      “I use hemp hearts in my granola: put granola, hemp hearts, and any other seeds I have on hand in a bowl, heat water, pour it over granola, add hemp butter and enjoy. Makes for an easy snack or breakfast. ”

      - Nate Kutcha, CFO



      Full Article by Aleah Rouse
      December 23, 2020