Lets Talk Hemp

      Join Morris Beegle, Host and Creator of the Let’s Talk Hemp Podcast, along with Co-host Annie Rouse of OP Innovates, Morgan Elliot of IND Hemp, and Chad Rosen, CEO & Founder of Victory Hemp Foods in the first 2021 podcast episode of Let’s Talk Hemp!

      This podcast episode, The Superfood of the Future, focuses on hemp seed-based food ingredients, so it will be sure to be of interest to the Victory Hemp Foods family. 

      The episode will air on Jan 21, 2021, on Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and iHeart Media podcasts.

      The Let's Talk Hemp podcast discusses "everything from policy and legislation, technology and innovation, to all the amazing products and benefits that can be produced from the hemp plant.”

      As you’re listening to the podcast theme music, you’ll hear the Silver Mountain Hempcaster guitar through the Silver Mountain SM35 Reverb combo amp. All made with hemp grown, processed, and manufactured in the USA! Hemp is so amazing!

      We hope that you can tune in. You can learn more about the Let’s Talk Hemp Podcast here.


      Full Article by Aleah Rouse
      January 20, 2021