The demand for hemp seed oil is on the rise—with the global market estimated to reach $336 million by 2030, per Future Market Insights. The largest growth is predicted to be for hemp seed oil in foods and beverages, and the second-largest growth category is hemp seed oil for skin care products in the cosmetics and personal care industry. 

      Hemp Seed Oil Is Great for Skin

      Hemp seed oil’s popularity in skincare products makes sense: it’s packed with skin-healthy nutrients like polyunsaturated fatty acids (such as omega-3s and omega-6s like γ-linolenic acid), which play an important role in skin function and appearance. In fact, hemp seed oil delivers the most omega-3s compared to other oils commonly used in skincare formulations. 

      Oil Composition

      How Hemp Seed Oil for Skin Care Compares to Other Commonly Used Oils for Skin Formulations


      And also, research suggests hemp seed oil shows promise—either via direct application or inside-out beauty (aka consuming it)—for acne, eczema, wound healing, and general skin inflammation, as well as some anti-aging benefits.1,2,3,4,5 

      Types of Hemp Seed Oil for Skin Care

      There are three main types of hemp seed oil for skincare applications—refined hemp seed oil, cold-pressed hemp seed oil, and hemp heart oil. Each of the three oils can be, and are, used in formulating skincare products. Depending on the type of cosmetic product you’re developing, one kind of hemp seed oil may be better suited for your formulation than another. 

      Here we break down the differences between each type of hemp seed oil for skincare and the best product applications for each. 

      Refined Hemp Seed Oil for Skin Care Formulations

      Any refined oil, including hemp seed oil, is missing some (or all) of the benefits of the unrefined version. That’s because of how it’s processed. High heat is applied during refining that destroys some nutrients. Refined hemp seed oil is usually chemically processed with solvents during extraction, and then bleached to remove the original green color. Refined hemp seed oil lacks many of the holistic health benefits of traditional hemp seed oil, but its odorless and colorless properties, and longer shelf life are what makes it desirable. 

      Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil for Skin Care Formulations

      This is the most commonly known form of hemp seed oil. Extracted from the whole seed with minimal heat, it’s green in color and grassy, and nutty in scent and flavor. It’s rich in chlorophyll, omega-6, and omega-3 fats. It can be used in both food and skincare products, though in fewer products than refined hemp seed oil due to its green color and herbaceous odor.

      • Personal care applications: moisturizing lotions, lip balms, soaps. 

      V-ONE™ Hemp Heart Oil for Skin Care Formulations

      This is the next generation of hemp seed oils for skin care. Made from just the hemp heart (versus the whole seed), it has all of the nutritional benefits of cold-pressed hemp seed oil, yet the clarity and mild flavor of refined hemp seed oil. The hemp seed shell is removed prior to processing and extracting the oil, so the final product doesn’t contain chlorophyll and isn’t green, but instead is a light, straw-like color. Plus, the proprietary method that Victory Hemp uses to press the oil out of the hemp heart doesn’t use any harsh chemical solvents, unlike how refined hemp seed oil is often made. 

      The final product—V-ONE—offers the best aspects of both a refined oil and cold-pressed hemp seed oil. That’s because it has the clarity and low odor qualities of its stripped-down, nutrient-devoid refined cousin, but retains the nutrient-rich profile of cold-pressed hemp seed oil. As a result of how V-ONE is produced, its light color and odor mean it works in a much broader range of food products and personal care products compared to cold-pressed hemp seed oil. V-ONE is also ideal for cosmetic formulas. 

      • Personal care applications: moisturizing lotions, lip balms, soaps, anti-acne products, non-comedogenic products, baby care, sun care, oral care, hair care, color cosmetics.

      Download our Skincare Brochure to learn more about the benefits of formulating with V-ONE™ Hemp Heart Oil in your next personal care product. 





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      Full Article by Aleah Rouse
      June 21, 2021