Just like our skin, our hair is a complex composition of proteins and compounds that are unique to each person. This year’s haircare trends focus on the crossover with skincare—or “skinification”—which is driving formulators to produce skincare-inspired ingredients backed by science. We know hemp seed oil is a nutrient-rich ingredient packed with polyunsaturated fats and omega-3 and 6 fatty acids that offer soothing, moisturizing and protective qualities for our skin.1 And why not our hair?

      The intersection of skin and hair offers an opportunity for hemp seed oil to potentially address common issues like itchy scalp, rough cuticles, breakage, dullness and dryness. At Victory Hemp, we developed V-ONE® Hemp Heart Oil, an exciting (and natural) version of hemp seed oil for hair that gives formulators a multifunctional ingredient that doesn’t interfere with the scent or color of a final product.

      Next-Generation Hemp Seed Oil for Hair: V-ONE® Hemp Heart Oil

      Our cold pressed hemp seed oil is an excellent emollient which is made from non-GMO hemp seeds; however, it comes with a couple of challenges for hair care formulations: a translucent, deep green to yellow-green color and an earthy, grassy scent that can interfere with a product’s color and scent. This can create additional steps in the formulation process, including fragrance masking which adds more unnecessary ingredients to the mix. We decided to make it easier for formulators to use hemp seed oil devoid of its traditional olfactory and visual qualities.

      V-ONE® Hemp Heart Oil                                                                                                                                                                                                      Victory Hemp Foods' next-generation hemp seed oil: V-ONE® Hemp Heart Oil

      We developed V-ONE® Hemp Heart Oil through a proprietary process that presses the oil from non-GMO, U.S. grown hemp seed hearts. By removing the shells prior to pressing, V-ONE® exhibits a light color and neutral scent giving this special oil versatility for a wide range of hair care applications. 

      The use of safe and sustainable ingredients is a cornerstone to most brands as consumers are more ingredient-savvy than ever. According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), hemp seed oil has a high safety rating for shampoo, conditioner, hair treatment/serum, hair styling aid, hair color and bleaching, beard care, and baby shampoo.2

      V-ONE® is produced without the use of hexane (a common solvent to extract oil from a raw material) or harsh chemical additives, which help keep its EWG rating low (between 1-2). It’s also 100% non-GMO, vegan, Kosher-Certified, non-toxic, and non-comedogenic and available as Certified-Organic or Natural.

      What Are the Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil for Hair?

      It’s important to note that research is limited on hemp seed oil’s topical benefits for hair, but what we know about its effect on skin gives us more awareness for future formulations. Unprotected heat, friction, alkaline chemical treatments, sun exposure and rough washing reduce cuticle strength and ultimately damage the overall structure of the hair shaft and scalp. Despite everyone’s unique hair anatomy, a healthy mane always starts within. Research on the benefits of adding hemp seed oil to the diet shows an improvement in common skin issues like dryness and itchiness–which offers insight for formulating hair care products that focus on hydration and shine.3

      Consuming hemp seeds have also shown promising results, according to a 2018 study.4 Using hemp seed extracts, researchers found its properties to show anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and lipid/collagen synthesizing effects to reduce acne. These studies are particularly interesting for scalp treatment formulations that target itchiness, dryness, and hair growth.

      Opportunities for Hemp Seed Oil in the Haircare Market

       By 2024, the global haircare market is expected to reach $105 billion, with botanical ingredients driving growth in shampoos, conditioners, masks, oils and treatments.5 As a natural and plant-based ingredient with moisture-rich properties, V-ONE® is the ideal hemp seed oil for hair, as it has the potential to elevate products across categories, both mass, and niche.

      Vegan/Cruelty-free: Ingredients like panthenol, keratin, and biotin are haircare staples that help strengthen hair and promote hair growth. However, more brands are looking to develop vegan-friendly products since keratin and biotin are traditionally derived from animals. With more cruelty-free brands on the rise (valued at $14.23 billion by 2030)6, we’re seeing more plant-based ingredients and alternatives (like keratin). A vegan ingredient, hemp seed oil has the potential to complement these cruelty-free ingredients while offering nourishing properties.

      Preventative hair care: A natural moisturizer, hemp seed oil can help promote a more resilient mane alongside other natural or synthetic ingredients used for preventative hair care. With a rise in hair styling products in 2021 (from 13% to 58%)7, which include curling irons, flat irons, and wave stylers, the demand for this category is also growing. This includes serums, hair masks and hair treatments. Hair masks, for example, are a growing segment, with 34% of U.S. women using hair treatments, particularly scalp treatments, with doubled revenues between 2019 and 2021.8

      Personalized hair care: Consumers are paying more attention to the label, prioritizing tried and trusted ingredients over brand names—including hair. Consumers want products that suit their unique needs rather than purchasing a super product that promises many benefits. This trend is exciting for hemp seed oil, as its moisturizing benefits can be an option for consumers to choose in custom formulated shampoos and conditioners.

      Whether it’s complementing other actives or holding its own, V-ONE® Hemp Heart Oil offers nutrient-rich benefits without impacting scent or color for a wide range of current and future hair care applications.

      Are you interested in using, or sampling, V-ONE®? Request a meeting with our team to discuss how V-ONE® Hemp Heart Oil can fit your project. Contact us here.





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      Full Article by Deniz Ataman
      April 11, 2022