Curiosity into the benefits of using hemp seeds, oils, and powders in food products is growing for food formulators. Not only are there functional and sensory benefits to incorporating hemp into food applications, but there are unique nutritional benefits as well. 

      The hemp seed magnesium content is one such nutritional advantage hemp has above other popular plant-based proteins like soy, pea, or almond proteins. And this is one of the many reasons why Victory Hemp Foods’ hemp seed-based proteins are a welcome addition to food and beverages such as hemp milk, plant-based burgers, or cookies to provide an essential mineral typically lacking in the traditional product. 

      Furthermore, hemp seeds’ nutrition facts as a whole are impressive - and adding them into food formulations automatically improves the protein, essential amino acid, fatty acid, and overall mineral content of products. The benefits of hemp don’t stop here - it is also free from the top eight allergens and highly digestible.

      In this article, we’ll delve into why hemp seed magnesium content is so important, and why Victory Hemp Foods’ hemp seeds are the perfect ingredient for your next food formulation. 

      Health Benefits of Magnesium

      Many health conditions consumers struggle with may be worsened by a magnesium deficiency. This is because magnesium is an essential mineral that serves many important functions for health. And unfortunately, magnesium deficiency is more common than previously realized, and affects 10-30% of the population according to research¹. 

      Even if a person’s magnesium levels are just borderline low, it may increase the risk of health problems such as muscle twitches and cramps, depression, heart disease, or high blood pressure². 

      But there is good news - there are easy ways for consumers to pack magnesium into their diet by having it incorporated into their favorite foods. One way to do this is by infusing traditional products with ingredients that are rich in magnesium, like hemp seeds.

      Here are a few of the top benefits of magnesium present in hemp seeds:

      1. Magnesium from Hemp Seed May help with insomnia 

      Magnesium can help enable muscles to relax and also aid in good quality sleep. It can also provide a sense of calm and turn off excessive thoughts, a big driver of insomnia. Insomnia is incredibly common, with some studies showing a prevalence of up to 60% in some populations³.

      2. Magnesium from Hemp Seed May Boost Energy and Exercise Performance

      Magnesium can boost energy during exercise, help move glucose to the cells for energy, and help our body dispose of lactic acid, a chemical that can cause pain during exercise⁴.

      3. Magnesium from Hemp Seed May support Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

      Newer research shows magnesium appears to benefit blood sugar levels in people with diabetes and may also reduce insulin resistance, a known risk factor for diabetes⁵.

      4. Magnesium from Hemp Seed May Improve Digestion

      Indigestion and constipation are very common problems among adults, and they want to know what to eat to better manage this. Fortunately, getting in enough magnesium may help counteract these uncomfortable symptoms⁶. 

      Hemp seeds are rich in magnesium and also score very high for digestibility compared to other plant proteins.

      5. Magnesium from Hemp Seed May Improve Blood Pressure

      Magnesium also helps in supporting healthy blood pressure levels by regulating blood flow. It also balances the circulating levels of other minerals such as potassium and sodium in the body. High blood pressure is all too common, and magnesium-packed ingredients such as Victory Hemp Foods’ hemp seeds are thus in demand.

      Hemp Seed Magnesium Content vs. Other Proteins

      Hemp seeds provide a whopping 52% of the RDA for magnesium for men and 67% for women in just 3 tablespoons⁷,⁸. When looking at the magnesium content of other plant-based proteins, the others simply do not compare.

      If you’re looking to package a nutritious seed that can be used as a standalone snack on store shelves or incorporate them into food items, look no further than Victory Hemp’s Shelled Hemp Seeds and Roasted Hemp Seeds. Hemp seeds fare extremely well in food and beverages such as granola bars, nutrition bars, milk, cereals, and even distilled beverages.

      Our Roasted Hemp Seeds are perfect when you’re seeking a more nutty, earthy flavor profile in a product. If your goal is a more neutral taste, our Shelled Hemp Seeds are the preferred magnesium-rich ingredient. The use of our hemp seeds opens up a wide range of food formulation possibilities that align with growing consumer demand for hemp-based foods⁹.

      Hemp Seed Magnesium - Bottom Line

      Victory Hemp’s Shelled Hemp Seeds and Roasted Hemp Seeds are rich in essential minerals including magnesium, a common mineral deficiency among adults. Hemp seeds can be used to enrich not only the magnesium content of nutrient-poor food products, but also to improve the total protein, essential amino acid, and fatty acid profile of food formulations. 

      Examples of hemp-based foods include granola bars, nutrition bars, milk, cereals, and distilled beverages. Victory Hemp’s hemp seeds are a needed addition to not only boost the protein and mineral content but also create a more sustainable, clean-label product.

      If you’re wondering how to use hemp seeds in your next food and beverage application, contact our team today and request a sample!






      Full Article by Melissa Mitri, MS, RD
      July 14, 2022