Victory Hemp Foods and hemp food ingredients based upon hemp-seeds are the focus of multiple articles and videos on  Talking Plant

      Talking Plant Protein sat down with Victory Hemp Foods Founder & CEO, Chad Rosen, to discuss the nutrition in hemp seed, the functional properties of hemp seed ingredients, sustainability, and more. In this video learn about hemp as a source of high-quality, sustainable proteins and oils and why hemp-based ingredients are rapidly becoming a leader in plant-based ingredients. 

      Not only are hemp-seed based ingredients healthy and Victory Hemp Foods’ innovative hemp-seed based proteins and oils capable of being ingredients in tasty foods, but the hemp plant itself has the potential to contribute to regenerative agriculture. Growing hemp can be part of a bio-diverse crop rotation and leaves soil nutrient-rich for the next crops.

       >> Learn more about how hemp is healthy for the soil.

      As hemp-seed-based ingredients gain in popularity, peer-reviewed research is validating just how healthy and nutritious hemp protein can be.

      >> Learn more about the nutritional properties of hemp.

      Consumers can embrace a sustainable food system and not have to sacrifice the joy of eating great foods. Victory Hemp Foods is pioneering innovative food ingredients that allow brands to produce functional and great tasting foods.

      >> Learn more about food and beverage applications.

      We appreciate the time Talking Plant Protein magazine invested in learning more about hemp seed ingredients and how Victory Hemp Foods is pushing to revolutionize our food system while still meeting the high standards that consumers expect in their food experiences.

      Are you developing a plant-based food or beverage product?

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      Full Article by Aleah Rouse
      March 03, 2022