ONEW-West-201110_OWB_West-Asheville-35A husband and wife operation based in Asheville, North Carolina, One World Brewing is helping to educate the public about hemp—and bust some myths along the way—with their uber-popular, mainstream-tastebud-friendly hemp beer, called Hempin’ Ain’t Easy. Only a few days before they launched their new website (which is very slick, so go check it out), we chatted with co-owner Lisa Schutz about their hemp beer, its popularity, how it all began, and their partnership with Victory Hemp. Here's what we learned!

      Tell us about your brewery. 

      Jay was a home brewer and that’s how we started. Now we have two locations, host events and benefits, as well as live music. 

      We want to always create cool experiences for our community. Our goal is to offer the local and tourist community something greater by bringing people and groups together. 

      How do you use hemp-seeds in your beer?

      We first brewed our hemp-seed ale during Hemp X week in 2015. The first time we offered it, it was during a documentary premiere about architects who use hempcrete. It quickly became one of our flagship beers that we still have.

      Our hemp-seed beer is different from other hemp beers. While many other brewers use terpenes and are more interested in the flavor and smell of hemp, we brew with toasted hemp seeds. It gives the beer a rounder mouthfeel and nuttier flavor. And it’s not going to have the distinct smell of the hemp plant from 6 feet away. The toasted hemp seeds get milled with the grain and added to the mash during brewing.

      Why hemp-seeds? 

      Hemp X week was our initial inspiration. It is a really unique beer and it’s a lighter beer. We have a lot of other hoppy beers and dark beers. Hempin’ Ain’t Easy became our bridge for people that haven’t had much exposure to craft beer. It’s the one we always recommend to people who are looking for something domestic and/or lighter. It’s a Pilsner-style ale that’s 4.2%. 

      We’re also fans of hemp and the plant itself and its far-reaching uses. This beer is a way to educate about the hemp movement. Consumers will ask, “can I drink this if I am drug tested at work?” (and of course, we love to tell our patrons that it’s completely safe). 

      What led you to team up with Victory Hemp? 

      My husband, Jay, made the contact. We were looking for the most local or close to us source. The first few times we made our hemp beer, we had to get the hemp seeds from Canada. Working with Victory Hemp allows us to source from and support U.S. farms, and we are able to buy the hemp seeds already roasted. 

      Learn more about other non-traditional ways hemp seeds are being used, here


      Full Article by Aleah Rouse
      February 03, 2021