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      Victory Hemp's newest product line features V-70 Hemp Protein,™ a neutrally flavored, near-white colored, flowable powder that is non-allergenic, unlike many other plant-based proteins, and has a high water binding capacity and easily emulsifies. V-70 Hemp Protein™ also delivers a highly valuable nutritional density at: 70% protein, 18% fiber and 12% fat.

      This protein can be used in many applications, including plant-based beverages. It's clean, neutral flavor, eliminates the need for expensive flavor masking agents and there's no need to worry about grittiness.

      Request a sample to see how V-70 Hemp Protein™ can solve your formulation needs for plant-based proteins!

      Plant Protein is Growing in Beverage Applications

      In her article, Plant Protein is Growing in Beverage Applications, Donna Berry of Food Business News writes"

      “In the move to offer something new, a growing number of non-soy plant-based ingredients are appearing, including cereals such as rice, oats and barley ...we are also seeing an increase in nuts, such as almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, walnuts and macadamias, as well as coconut and more unusual options such as lupin, hemp and flaxseed.”

      "Protein’s momentum as a power nutrient in beverages continues in 2019, with new sources and formats making the satiety-inducing, refueling, muscle-building macronutrient more appealing and accessible in the mainstream marketplace. With many consumers heeding nutritional advice to increase their intake of plant-based foods, more and varied plant proteins are being added to all types of refrigerated and shelf-stable beverages."

      Lu Ann Williams, director of innovation, Innova Market Insights, The Netherlands. adds, “More consumers are adopting vegetarian or lactose-free diets, while others are turning to plant-based foods for other perceived health benefits”.

      To learn more about how these trends are fueling beverage innovation with plant proteins, read the full article here.


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      April 11, 2019