Hempseeds—and their co-product ingredients—are becoming increasingly popular among consumers and also food formulators, particularly for their nutrition prowess. 

      To that end, Victory Hemp Foods is further unlocking the benefits of hemp—and making it that much easier to incorporate into new food products—by creating new delicious, functional and nutritious ingredients. What’s more, our superfood hemp ingredients come exclusively from American farmers. We’re working with American farmers to purchase 25,000 acres of hemp seed by 2023. And by 2030, our goal is to buy 200,000 acres of U.S. grown hemp grain.

      Remember, too, a single hemp seed has the potential to give you hemp hearts, hemp oil, hemp protein, roasted hemp seeds,and hemp hulls. Here, we explore the perks and applications of each of those extensions of hemp seeds. 

      Hemp Hearts

      Shelled hemp seeds (aka hemp hearts) are the simplest way to reap all of the benefits of a hemp seed. They deliver a complete source of protein, and one that’s easily digestible, and are low in carbs and unhealthy saturated fat. Plus, you get much-needed minerals like iron, magnesium, copper, and zinc.

      Shelled hemp seeds are a great way to boost the nutrition of any baked good (bread, cookie, snack bar), as well as pesto, hummus, smoothies, and snack mixes. At Victory Hemp, shelled hemp seeds are also the base for our revolutionary hemp oil and protein powder (more on that below). 

      Hemp Seed Oil

      Nutritionally-speaking, hemp seed oil is a superstar. It’s high in good-for-you, so-called polyunsaturated fat, and also very low in saturated fat. It has an ideal ratio of omega-6:omega-3 fatty acids (that ideal ratio is 3:1)—meaning the inflammation-quelling fats (omega-3s) aren’t that much fewer than the inflammation-stoking fats (omega-6s).

      Hemp oil can be used in spreads, dips, pestos, etc. But it has applications that go beyond culinary: it’s also great for cosmetic and skin care products (think: lotions, lip balms, soaps), especially because of its high omega-3 content.  

      When pressed from whole hemp seeds, hemp oil is essentially “virgin” meaning it is produced without solvents and pressed at a low temperature. It comes out medium to dark green, is mild in flavor with herby/grassy notes, and nutty flavor. 

      But at Victory Hemp, we also offer a new hemp oil with a different, unique, and more desirable flavor profile. V-ONE™ Hemp Heart Oil comes from pressing hemp seed hearts. We remove the hemp shells before pressing the oil from the hemp hearts to reach the light color and neutral flavor that makes V-ONE™ so versatile. V-ONE™ can be used in all of the same applications as your so-called traditional hemp oil (salad dressing blends, for instance), and is also even more versatile (think applications such as frozen novelties, plant based  “butter” spreads, and dips) because of its light color and neutral flavor. 

      Hemp Protein 

      Most hemp proteins are green in color and have an earthy  flavor to them. Their texture is a little gritty, and akin to fine cornmeal. To date, the food industry and food producers have used hemp protein to develop a wide range of healthy-type products—from supplements to beverages and functional foods to personal-care products. 

      To grow hemp’s foothold in the marketplace, Victory Hemp has developed a new, innovative hemp protein that stands apart from other plant proteins. Called V-70™ Hemp Heart Protein, this hemp protein provides 70% protein and is made from the inside of the dehulled hemp seed (the hemp heart). It is a neutrally flavored, near-white colored, flowable powder that offers critical functional benefits that solve your formulation needs: it emulsifies well; has high water binding capacity; and can increase mallard browning; and because of its neutral flavor, masking agents aren’t needed. As a result, it has a broader range of applications: dairy and meat analogues, ready-to-eat products like nutrition bars and meal replacement drinks, as well as an ingredient in cooked products. 

      Like the traditional greener hemp protein, V-70™ is also a complete protein, and delivers iron, magnesium, and zinc, but V-70™ contains more protein per serving than your standard hemp protein powder. Plus, it’s free from the top eight allergens.

      Roasted Hemp Seeds

      These crunchy, nutty, light brown seeds are perhaps the easiest way to incorporate hemp into a food or drink product. Their flavor is reminiscent of pine nuts or sesame seeds. From a nutrition perspective, like chia seeds they deliver essential omega-3 fats, but roasted hemp seeds offer twice as much protein as chia seeds. Use roasted hemp seeds to up the crunch factor (and health benefits, of course!) in snack bars, cereals, granola, baked goods, and even salad toppers. Roasted hemp seeds can also be used in craft brewing—either in place of, or in combination with, barley kernels and barley malt. According to avid brewers, the abundance of amino acids in hemp fuels the yeast in the brewing process.

      Hemp Shells 

      Also called hemp hulls, the shell is what remains after dehulling hemp seeds. The shells are chock full of fiber, plus contain magnesium, iron, and copper. They’re a great addition to animal feed (some farmers Victory Hemp has partnered with add our hemp hulls to their cattle and pig feed), and it can also be used to help fuel the growth of culinary mushrooms. But also, hemp hulls can be finely ground and used as an exfoliant in personal care products.   

      Overall, hempseeds are incredibly diverse and their by-products can be used in various applications. And at Victory Hemp, our new, functional, and nutritious ingredients make it that much easier to reap the health benefits of hemp by incorporating it into better-for-you food products—whether they’re plant-based or not.


      Full Article by Aleah Rouse
      October 27, 2020