Why You Should Use Hemp Flour in Your Holiday Baking 

      It’s one of the easiest ways to improve the nutrition of your baked goods.

      Whether your baking niche is vegan, healthier versions of the classics, raw baked goods, lower carb, or high-protein, a plant-based flour-like hemp flour should be in your baking rotation. Plus, take advantage of our end-of-year sale!

      The Easiest Hemp Flour to Use in Recipes 

      Although it’s commonly referred to as hemp flour in baking recipes, what you’re actually using is hemp protein powder. Traditional hemp protein is made from whole hemp seed after they’ve been pressed for hemp seed oil (it’s called the press cake). When it’s made this way, hemp protein powder typically is gritty, green, and tastes grassy. Not ideal for baking. 

      At Victory Hemp, however, we’ve developed a better option: Victory Hemp Heart Protein

      It contains the core nutrition characteristics of our flagship V-70™ Hemp Heart Protein, such as more than 70% protein, and an ideal ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids. Like V-70™, it also has a near-neutral taste and is mostly white in color. The only difference? Victory Hemp Heart Protein may contain a small amount of tiny green flecks that are leftover from the de-hulling process. Don’t worry: they’re safe to eat and don’t affect flavor or color in baking. 

      Here’s the really good news: when processed this way, the result is higher yields for Victory Hemp Heart Protein™ and that translates to lower prices for you! But also, we’re running an end-of-year sale: 15 percent off online purchases of Victory Hemp Heart Protein with the code “Holiday15” through December 31, 2021. 

      Why You Should Use Hemp Flour in Baked Goods Recipes 

      Adding a plant-based flour-like hemp flour to baked goods improves their overall nutrition profile thanks to the inherently healthy characteristics of hemp protein powder.

      More specifically, adding hemp flour to baking recipes can:

      • Pump up protein. Remember, Victory Hemp Heart Protein is more than 70 percent protein! Compared to regular white flour (gram-for-gram), Victory Hemp Heart Protein has nearly 7 times more protein.
      • Boost micronutrients. Hemp protein powder adds important nutrients like fiber, iron, and zinc, which are typically limited in all-purpose flour.   
      • Add healthy fats. When you bake with hemp flour, you’re automatically improving the fat profile of the final product thanks to the healthy ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fats in hemp protein powder. Remember, baking recipes typically rely solely on butter or coconut oil (both of which are high in saturated fat) or liquid oils like vegetable or soybean (which are heavy in omega-6 fats).    

      How to Bake with Our Hemp Flour

      At Victory Hemp, we’ve experimented with a handful of hemp flour recipes for use in baked goods. Based on our trials, we’d recommend using Victory Hemp Heart Protein in two particular baking applications: 


      Victory Hemp Heart Protein works best in drop-style cookies, such as a chocolate chip. In our trials, you can substitute as much as 75 to 100 percent of the flour with Victory Hemp Heart Protein in chocolate chip cookies. Other drop cookies can substitute up to 30 percent of all-purpose flour with Victory Hemp Heart Protein. For roll-and-cut cookies where you’re aiming for a specific shape or a very uniform border, a smaller amount of Victory Hemp Heart Protein would need to be subbed for flour, as it can increase the spread of the cookies and they can lose their shape. 

      Muffins and Quick Breads.

      When we put hemp flour to the test in a muffin recipe, consumers overwhelmingly preferred Victory Hemp’s innovative hemp protein powders like V-70™ and Victory Hemp Heart Protein compared to a traditional (green) hemp protein powder. (Read more about that here.) If you're baking quick breads, try substituting up to 30 percent of the flour in your recipe. Or, for your favorite muffins, try substituting up to 50 percent of the flour with Victory Hemp Heart Protein.    

      You can also try our muffin recipe, here

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      Full Article by Aleah Rouse
      December 23, 2021