A long-time maker of hemp products and a leader in the organic body care industry, Dr. Bronner’s recently announced that they’re now sourcing all of their hemp oil from U.S. farms! Victory Hemp is proud to be among their suppliers -- we supply them with organic hemp seed oil grown right here in the U.S. by our contract farmers! We sat down with Dr. Bronner’s Content Editor Rafi Loiederman to talk about the company, their mission, and why hemp is core to their product line.

      You have a robust group of body care products. Where do you use hemp oil?

      We put hemp oil into as many products as we can manage—our soaps, our body and lip balms, and lotions all contain hemp.

      What’s your top seller—and why?

      The Pure-Castile Liquid Soap is just super unique—it’s multi-purpose and meant to be diluted. I don’t think there’s another product out there on the market like it. Plus, those soaps have been out in the market for a long time so they’ve built up a loyal following—the recipe dates back 160 years!

      Why hemp oil?

      Adding hemp oil was the only change David Bronner made to his grandfather’s soap recipe. Hemp can lend itself to so many things, including its characteristics that make it great for body care.

      But ultimately that addition goes back to David’s mission to legalize hemp agriculture in the U.S. Like a lot of people, he read The Emperor Wears No Clothes and it was one of the things that sparked his activism for drug policy reform. David was one of the original advocates in the industry. To him, it was ridiculous that industrial hemp, which had no psychoactive properties in it, was being lumped in as equivalent to the psychoactive variety. At the same time, David was keen to see legalization across the board.

      Why did you choose Victory Hemp to supply your hemp oil?

      We’ve been working for 20 years to legalize hemp agriculture in the U.S., so we were very keen to start sourcing from the U.S. as soon as it was legal to do so. We’ve been promising that for many years, plus we’re a U.S. company, so we want to buy from U.S. farmers growing hemp.

      Our hemp oil also has to meet a high standard of quality, and we align with Victory Hemp in our sustainability mission. For instance, we want to push regenerative organic agriculture—and Victory Hemp has a contracted farmer that is planning to start the audit for regenerative organic certification.

      What’s that mean exactly?

      A farm with the regenerative organic agriculture certification farms in a way that improves upon soil health, animal welfare, and social fairness. As a crop, hemp can pull heavy metals out of the dirt, and it also acts as a carbon sink, which reduces greenhouse gases. Not only does this improve soil health, but it also helps farmers with their peas, soy, corn, and/or wheat when they rotate hemp in with those crops.

      How else does Dr. Bronner’s differentiate itself from competitors in the marketplace?

      We tend to go the extra mile, and we’ve developed trust with our customers. They know that if they’re using one of our products, that the ingredients came from an ethical and sustainable supply chain. They know that everyone along the supply chain was treated fairly, that the ingredients were farmed with climate-friendly techniques. They know that our executives have capped their salaries, making it possible for Dr. Bronner’s to give away up to a third of its profits every year to community organizations and progressive causes.

      A few years ago, Dr. Bronner’s and Victory Hemp connected through Hemp History Week’s Grassroots Program. Turns out, that was the beginning of a new partnership—and one that today allows Dr. Bronner’s to finally achieve their goal of sourcing hemp for their product line from within the borders of the U.S.


      Full Article by Aleah Rouse
      September 29, 2020