Hemp protein is a healthy, nutritious, and environmentally-sustainable way to add plant-based protein to a food product. However, its use (in products, by consumers, etc.) has been limited because it’s taste, color, and texture has been less than optimal. Hemp protein is typically made from whole expeller pressed hemp seeds, so it’s green in color, grassy in flavor, and gritty in texture. 

      “The green hemp protein isn’t a sustainable, long-term value (for food and beverage companies), especially when you’re competing against other plant proteins like pea, soy, etc. It tastes too healthy and not delicious enough,” says Ben Raymond, Director of Research & Development at Victory Hemp. 

      Victory Hemp saw this gap in the marketplace and that’s why we’ve developed a new vegan hemp protein powder that’s nutritious, but also tastes great. “There aren’t many, if any, companies that are making hemp protein the way we are,” says Raymond. “Called V-70Hemp Heart Protein, we’re making protein powder (and oil) from shelled hemp seeds (hemp hearts). It yields a smooth protein powder, that’s fairly bland in flavor, and has a light, nearly white color.”

      So what makes this hemp protein powder unique and one of the best tasting vegan protein powders on the market? Here, we cover the what, why, and how of V-70 Hemp Heart Protein. 

      What’s in this vegan hemp protein powder? 

      Hemp protein, including V-70,™ is a complete protein, meaning it contains all of the essential amino acids we need from our diet. But V-70™ is higher in protein than other hemp proteins: exactly as its name implies, it’s 70 percent protein. Most other hemp proteins on the market are 50 percent protein or less. 

      There’s also some fiber in it, and a small amount of fat—and that’s predominantly because less fat in the protein powder means it will have a longer shelf life without refrigeration.

      What’s the advantage to V-70 for food manufacturers and consumers? 

      The taste and color of V-70™ are two of the greatest benefits. It has a slight nuttiness, but overall tastes neutral. The bland flavor makes it easy to incorporate into a wide variety of foods, without the need for flavor masking systems or an over-use of expensive flavorings (unlike some other plant protein powders) and—as a result—allows food manufacturers to have a shorter ingredient deck in their product. Also, because V-70 is white-to-eggshell in color, it doesn’t need to be bleached when it’s made, and also will easily blend into a food product without altering the appearance. Put another way, you could swap out three ingredients (another protein powder, some flavor-masking agents, and expensive flavorings) and just use V-70™ in your new food product instead.

      “At Victory Hemp, we use a proprietary physical process that doesn’t use harsh chemical solvents,” explains Raymond. It is made without chemicals found on many “do not use lists” such as Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. This means our products are minimally processed and so even the most discerning consumers can feel good about eating V-70.™ V-70™ (and all of our ingredients, in fact) are non-GMO Project Verified, Certified Kosher, and available as USDA Certified Organic. 

      Where and how is this vegan protein powder best used? 

      While most hemp proteins have very limited uses, V-70™ Hemp Heart Protein works great in a wide variety of applications. It’s great for bakery items, consumer mixed beverages (think: portable powder pouches, workout and recovery blends), it boosts protein claims in nutritional bars, and even helps retain juiciness in meat analogues (aka plant-based meat alternatives). 



      Full Article by Aleah Rouse
      November 06, 2020